Asuna was kept from the A-Litter and will be trained and used for the later breed.

  1. BreednameAsuna Red Savina
  2. Day of birth16.07.2016
  3. SexFemale
  4. FatherFerrari Opus Meum
  5. MotherHakuna Matata Opus Meum
  6. Size66 cm
  7. Weight31 kg
Family Tree


  • Eye examination: PHTVL/PHPV free
  • HD examination: A
  • Blood examination – 13.02.2017: Dilution Genotyp D/d, Genotyp N/vWD Typ1 (Carrier), Narkolepsie Genotyp N/N (free)
  • DNA testet – 13.02.2017 Laboklin
  • DNA Test by Embark (more than 160 deseases testet) – free
  • Cardiac examination color doppler ultrasound and 24h holter ekg: 19.10.2020 currently dcm free!
  • Cardiac examination color doppler ultrasound and 24h holter ekg: 04.12.2021 currently dcm free!


  • BH VT 23.03.2019 HSV Satteins- Walgau
  • ZTP 19.09.2020 SG1B Coswig/Anhalt Judge: T.Becht Helper: M. Immig
  • IGP 1 25.09.2021 SV OG Wil, Judge: Patrick Naef Helper: Bruno Fluri

Show Results:

  • EDTW 2017: V2 Young dog class (Dr. Attilio Polifrone)
  • IHA Graz 2018: SG1 Intermediate class (Mag. Heliane Maissen-Jarisch)
  • ÖDK Klubsiegershow Groß Siegharts 2018 : V1 CACA open class (Deutscher Erwin)
  • IHA Innsbruck 2018 Saturday: V1 CACA open class (Spörr Roland)
  • IHA Innsbruck 2018 Sunday: SG1 open class (Berchtold Peter Friedrich)

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