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ÖKV – Österreichischer  Kynologenverband FCI – Fédération Cynologique Internationale ÖHV – Österreichischer Hundesportverband ÖDK – Österreichischer Dobermannklub Dobermann Wien – ÖDK Ortsgruppe Wien und Umgebung Dobermannverein Augsburg – Ortsgruppe Lechfeld Workingdog – Information Database around Wroking Dogs (e.g. Pedigree) Opusmeum – Dobermannzucht Opus-Meum Hundeausbildungszentrum ÖHV Wattens – Verein von Tom und Sabine dobermandiversityproject – Forschung in der genetischen Dobermann Gesundheit Food Frostfutter Perlenberg – Frostfutterversand Tierhotel […]


Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) It involves damage to the heart muscle, in which the wall thickness and contractile force decreases and the heart simultaneously increases in size. Thus, the performance of the heart, which can lead to a progression of the disease to death diminishes. It is a very aggressive disease that affects 60% of Dobermans. With early detection […]

The Breed “Dobermann”

FEDERATION CYNOLOGIQUE INTERNATIONALE (AISBL) SECRETARIAT GENERAL: 13, Place Albert 1er  B – 6530 Thuin (Belgique)                                                                                                                           ______________________________________________________________________________                                         17.12.2015/ EN    FCI-Standard N° 143 (VALID FROM 01.08.2016) DOBERMANN   TRANSLATION: Dobermann Council of K.U.S.A. (Kennel Union of Southern Africa).  Mrs Christina Bailey. Mrs Renée SporreWilles. Revised by VDH/Uwe Fischer. ORIGIN: Germany. DATE OF PUBLICATION OF THE OFFICIAL […]


Homeopathy for dogs Emaciation: Iodine and in young animals Abrotanum Abscesses: Hepar, alternatively Myristica After disease: Nitric acid, Ruta, Ignatia or Apis (with hives) Allergy: Apis Anal glands: Aesculus, in chronic cases Silicea Fear: Belladonna, when Eve noise Borax in claustrophobic silver nitrate Appetite disorders: Chininum arsenicosum, Natrium muriaticum and phosphorus in gradually potassium Weakness as […]

Our Breed

I run a small breed with a maximum of one litter per year. The aim is to have an official Doberman breeder  again in Vorarlberg. Last official breeder was the Kennel of Hochstede (Warger Herbert), which has stopped after more than 30 years of successful breeding. Our kennel is approved by the FCI and fullfill […]


B.A.R.F. (Bones And Raw Food) BARF is a simple but admittedly more complex concept. The dog is by nature a carnivore. A carnivore should therefore eat meat. Carnivores eat other animals in nature, since animals are made of flesh and a few other components. Consequently, the seizure of animals, their meat and other components the only correct and the […]